Twin doctors put diet basics to test

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January 29, 2014 8:14:32 PM PST
When a new year rolls around, many people go on diets. But there's always the debate - cut fat, or cut carbs?

Twin doctors in Europe decided to find out.

Chris Van Tulleken went on a super low-fat diet, while identical twin Alexander went high-protein, cutting out most carbs.

After a month, Alexander lost the most weight - 9 pounds.

However, both were miserable - low-fat left Chris hungry all the time and, without fat, feeling like he was eating cardboard.

Meantime, Alexander lost his energy but gained a bad mood on the low carbs.

They say the only way to a real diet that works is to watch your calories, cut portion sizes, and eat fewer processed foods.

The doctors say it's not sexy and won't be a best-seller, but it works.