Keeping diehard fans cool about the Big Game

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January 30, 2014 3:25:10 PM PST
Many people are getting ready to host Super Bowl parties this Sunday or head out to a sports bar to watch it.

Die-hard sports fans can be loyal and loud, but sometimes during big games, they can also go too far.

If you're hosting a game-watching party, or are going to one, mental health experts have tips on helping everyone keep their cool.

First, exercise before the game. Working out lowers your stress hormones.

Also, during the game, limit alcohol and control the volume on your TV - loud noises can agitate a person, especially someone who's already on edge.

Third, be aware of who's at the party.

Ken Yeager, Ph.D., a crowd psychologist, says, "The mix of people you watch the game with. There are certain times you have to be careful about, 'oh, don't want these two guys together, because they're too tied into the game."

And if people are starting to get a little amped up:

- Turn down the volume on the TV

- Turn the lights down a little

- And offer some fresh snacks, to distract potentially rowdy guests, and keep everyone occupied.