Get cash back from Checkout 51

TELFORD, Pa. - February 4, 2014

Kaley Ehret, the blogger behind ChaChing On a Shoestring, always keeps up with the newest money-saving ideas.

Her new favorite app is called Checkout 51, which works at any store.

"As long as you can see on the receipt what the product is, you can use it any store, including online," she explains.

Here's how it works. You can download the free app to your Smartphone, or just use it online with your computer.

"Every week, there's a new list of products available that you can earn cash back from your Checkout 51 app," Ehret says. "And if you buy that product that week, you scan your receipt and you earn cash back."

You simply take a picture -- or pictures if your receipt's a long one -- with the app, or scan it in to your computer and send it to Checkout 51. You'll get cashback if you bought that week's items.

Once you accumulate $20 in your account, you get a check in the mail.

And you can still buy sale items or use coupons or both. That's how Kaley got her cheap cough drops at Dollar Tree and Glade air fresheners for $1.59 instead of the $7.59 retail price at Target.

Ehret adds, "On my blog every week, I will show you the best deals and also coupons that you can match with the deals. So you can know which stores to go to and I'll help you find the best deals."

To get Checkout 51, click here.

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