Trio wanted for graffiti spree in Kensington

KENSINGTON - January 31, 2014

The three men, caught on surveillance video, took more than an hour when they grabbed a spray can and used it like a paintbrush on a canvas.

Their final product was no work of art to business owner Gabriel Colon.

"I'm tired of it, it needs to stop," said Colon.

The men, in the same bright blue sweatshirts, hit the gates of Colon's Dire Auto Repair and two other businesses next door in the 1200 block of North Front Street.

The video places them between 2:00 and 3:00 a.m. Friday morning.

Colon says he had the same more than a year ago so he installed, not just one, but three cameras above his business.

"I got them on video this time putting graffiti on my doors again," said Colon.

Graffiti is a city problem. Philadelphia has a graffiti abatement team that cleans up both private and public properties.

"They will clean several hundred properties a day," said Deputy Manager Tom Conaway.

Action News recently went along with the team.

Conaway says Colon's Kensington zip code has seen about 4,000 'tagged' properties in 2013.

However the worse hit zip code is nearby in Kensington and Port Richmond. The area saw four times that amount.

Police are now investigating. Colon might have the best revenge because the video is clear and the suspects' faces can be seen.

At least one man's sweatshirt has the year '2009' written on it.

Colon hopes that the suspects' are caught and the graffiti problem ends.

"We don't need this around here, take it somewhere else," he said.

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