The Art of Aging: Senior Web Surfers

PHILADELPHIA - February 6, 2014

"Today, the issue of computing is no longer a luxury, it's a necessity and without the ability to get online, you can't get to the richness that is there, " said Tobey Dichter, Founder & CEO of Generations on Line.

Senior Centers and many libraries have computers, tablets and classes to teach web surfing, emailing, everything from the basics to more sophisticated skills.

LaFronia Childs from Philadelphia says, "Computer Class is great. I started there I didn't know a mouse from a rat when I first started out, but they taught me everything."

Dichter added, "...We have a program where, in large type, in plain English, step by step, Generations on Line guides the user through each step of the way."

To find Generations on Line or computer classes near you, call the PCA help line, 215-765-9040.

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