Annual 'Operation 6abc: Save a Life' campaign kicks off


The smoke detectors are piled high, the volunteers are working in the cold and the fire trucks keep coming in.

It's the 22nd year for the 'Operation 6abc: Save a Life' campaign, where over 150 local fire companies are getting free smoke detectors.

"It's great, people look forward to it. We have phone calls on the answering machine at the fire house saying, 'When are you gonna get them, because we just ran out,'" said Rich Kesser, Glenolden Fire Company.

"We've helped many, many people in our town, lots of senior citizens. We constantly go out in the storms and change the batteries every six months," said Lee Park, Cinnaminson Fire Company.

With the help of our sponsors, 6abc is handing out 10,000 Kidde smoke detectors on Thursday alone. With the harsh winter, the need is greater than ever.

"We have been receiving a lot more calls for smoke detectors. People have been very conscious of what they need to keep themselves safe over the winter especially because it's been so harsh," said Patti Kostrubiak, Perkasie Fire Company.

"With this ice storm, we were on 26 or 27 calls just yesterday, and we found that most of the houses we were on didn't have smoke detectors and then that led to small house fires and so on and so forth," said Timothy Kennelly, Lower Southampton Township Fire Department.

It's a multimedia campaign with safety tips both on air and online. Our very own Cecily Tynan spoke at the kickoff event about her gratitude towards the heroes who fight the fires.

She then helped 6abc General Manager Bernie Prazencia honor retiring Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers for his years of dedication to the community.

Initially the idea behind 'Operation 6abc: Save a Life' came from a desire to help firefighters keep people safe.

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