Veterans volunteer to help those without power

MALVERN, Pa. - February 8, 2014

The hum of chainsaws are becoming common in Malvern. The people holding them are all volunteers working to remove the debris left on the roadways throughout the area.

They are a welcome sight to residents on Treemont Street.

"It's terrific that everyone is pitching during our time of crisis, so it is great to see everybody band together," said Eric Anderson.

Four years ago, Team Rubicon was formed bringing military veterans and first responders to emergencies together to volunteer.

"80% veterans, 20% civilian, and what we do is we purpose the skills that we used back when we were in deployment in the military to do something for humanity during crisis," said Lourdes Tigalo.

"Having folks like Team Rubicon come here free of charge, volunteering their time, veterans and some civilians as well that are joining with them is just a godsend for us to be able to move through the recovery phase of this disaster," said Lt. Governor Jim Cawley.

Saturday, Lt. Governor Jim Cawley met with Chester County Commissioners and agencies responding to the devastation from the storm.

PECO discussed the situation affecting all counties in the briefing, say they expect more power to be restored by Sunday, but some areas may not see power returned until Monday or Tuesday.

"Currently, we have about 138,000 customers without power between Montgomery, Bucks County and Chester County," said Craig Adams, PECO.

"When people are without power, that obviously comes with a lot of human needs, whether it be through sheltering, transportation, recharging cell phones, so there is still some work to do," said Ryan Costello, Chester County Commissioners Chairman.

"Right now, our operations are tentatively suspended to end Sunday, but we leave the option of extending that," said Tigalo.

PECO says they have tripled their manpower. They now have more than 6,000 people working to get the power back on.

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