Photopon app lets you share deals with friends

NORTH PHILADELPHIA - February 17, 2014

And those customers can pass the savings on to their friends.

All thanks to a new app called "Photopon."

Michael Gutkin of Photopon explains, "Photopon is social couopning and gifting app that allows people to search for local offers and to add a neat picture to that offer and put a caption on it and share it with their friends and family."

The app uses GPS to find offers near you. Once you claim an offer, you can post a photo and a caption about your great deal and share it with others you think might like the deal as well.

Gutkin demonstrates, "You hit share, and now I could text it to people, I can email it to people, Twitter it, Facebook."

Since you're likely to know your friends' tastes, they're more likely to get deals they're interested in. And it adds a social aspect to saving money.

Gutkin says, "It's a little more fun in that you can customize your coupon, add pictures, add comments, be a little creative with it."

For now, Photopon is available only for iPhone, but an Android app is due out soon. Click here to learn more about downloading it. Or check it our on Facebook.

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