Deals your sweetie and your wallet will love

Feb. 12, 2014

Before you panic, don't worry, you can still get some deals that both your Valentine -- and your wallet -- will love.

If flowers will win your Valentine's heart, the best deals we've seen are at Produce Junction -- which has 18 area locations. Here, a rose bouquet sells for $9. 25 roses for $20.

And if you're looking to dine out, check, where you can buy $25 restaurant gift certificates for $10. Just read the fine print to make sure your certificate will be good for the holiday.

For a casual meal, consider the Valentine's deal at Joe's Steak and Soda Shop on Torresdale Avenue.

"We have a chocolate-covered strawberry milkshake that is our Shake of the Month," Stefani Mahoney explains. On Valentine's Day, "You buy the shake and you get a free cupcake."

Or, head to your nearest Qdoba, where they're offering a Buy One, Get One Free deal on entrees -- when you share a kiss with a willing participant at the checkout.

If you haven't bought a card, you can create a free personal eCard on sites like JibJab -- just upload photos and you'll have a unique greeting.

And if it's true that the couple who works out together stays together, you can check out the special at Sweat Fitness gyms.

They'll have free champagne at the check-in counter all day. And a free yoga class at 7:30 Friday night.

Nicki Lamond of Sweat explains, "You can bring your significant other, you can bring a friend, you can come by yourself. It's just a fun kind of event to unwind, if you don't want to wait in a restaurant line or something like that."

And it's a lot better for you than downing a whole box of chocolates!

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