An ode to Phillies Spring Training by Ducis Rodgers

CLEARWATER, Fla. - February 11, 2014

There's a reason baseball teams head south this time of year,

In Florida, the weather is nice and the sky is clear.

What we wouldn't give for 75, balmy, and sunny,

When we hear Cecily Tynan say 'more snow,' it's no longer funny.

Pictures of fountains and palm trees are not meant to tease,

Hopefully, just the sight warms your eyes and those shivering knees.

Cliff Lee and company will soon make their way back to Citizens Bank,

And if they bring wins we'll forget that the temperature ever sank.

Fret not Delaware Valley, the future is bright,

Just 36 days until spring. The snowy tunnel you're in does have a light.

Look at it this way, winter's like paying your dues.

In Clearwater, I'm Ducis Rodgers for Action News.

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