Area residents prepare for another round of snow

WAYNE, Pa. - February 12, 2014

Grocery stores, hardware stores and gas stations were all packed with people stocking up before the flakes start falling.

At a main line supermarket, a mother of four and her family are still reeling from 6 days without power. She says she is taking no chances with this Nor'easter; this time the cupboard will be full.

"I'm getting everything that I don't need," said Staci Chermo. "My kids said just get a bunch of fun stuff just in case we lose power again. The power was out all last week, and I had to throw out everything I had. So I am hoping that doesn't happen again."

At the farmer's market in Ardmore, they have seen a two full days of frenzied shopping as folks prepare for the new storm.

"A lot of the customers are telling us that they are out of food because they haven't been buying anything because they are out of electric, and now with another storm coming in, their cabinets are empty. We've been swamped all day yesterday and today," said merchant Josh Stolfus.

"I have four kids, so I have to buy a lot when everyone is home, probably twice as much as any given week," said Joann Kaplan.

At one old fashioned hardware store in Radnor the sign out front says it all: "No ice melter for now." They are hoping for another shipment of ice-melter Wednesday, but there are no guarantees.

"There's supposed to be a truck on its way, but I've heard it before, so I will count my chickens when the truck pulls up," said Lou Muth.

In Villanova, a storm victim from last week makes sure he'll have heat this time around. He was filling gas cans for his new home backup generator.

"I am loading up for the generator to hopefully keep warm once it goes out," said Allen Blau.

Another victim of the long outage was stocking up with an armful of artificial logs.

"I had no heat for five days," said Mike Quinn. "And I had a tree come through my roof."

Those in this storm's path, many of whom just got their power back on, say they are nervous and maybe a bit afraid of the threat of more power outages.

"If the power goes out, at least I have a warm car to get into to drive somewhere, charge the phone or whatever we need to do," said Lynn Folds.

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