Art of Aging: Valentine's Day

PHILADELPHIA - February 14, 2014

"We were at the ball and I felt as though I met my prince charming," said Linda Herring of Philadelphia.

There was an instant spark and they talked and danced the night away.

Tony Herring added, "As members of the same senior citizen center we saw each other pretty much every day afterwards and she would be across the room and I would wave, come and sit with us."

Both single and lovers of jazz, their relationship quickly progressed.

"The cupid had, you know, struck with the arrow," said Linda.

They tied the knot one year to the day after they met.

"That was a special day," said Linda.

And they are proof that love is powerful at any age.

"Love is something that we all need until the end of our days. We all need to feel loved, have love, and it just makes a difference in a person's life," added Linda.

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