6abc.com hosts discussion on Philadelphia schools

PHILADELPHIA - February 18, 2014

Action News' Sarah Bloomquist and John Rawlins hosted the hour and a half event.

The discussion stemmed from a cover story written by Patrick Kerkstra in Philadelphia Magazine.

Kerkstra pinpointed specific ways to fix the ailing school system.

Everyone agrees the district is in distress with issues like teacher contract negotiations and the ongoing search for sustainable funding.

One of the many topics included the changing work rules for teachers.

"They create a culture that is not about autonomy, that's about complying and making sure that everyone is in line with these rules. That then spills over and makes it hard to attract talent. Talent wants to go where there is more autonomy both and the teacher level and at the leader level," said Mark Gleason, Philadelphia Schools Partnership.

"We need additional resources and if we had more resources this would not even be an issue that we would be discussing," said Jerry Jordan, Philadelphia Federation of Teachers president.

Our panelists did not have solutions to every problem but the hope is to start making progress.

If you missed the discussion, click here to watch the full video online.

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