App "sifts" through offers for you

Feb. 20, 2014

Sift Founder Saurin Shah explains, "Sift is a shopping app that puts over 3000 stores in one place and finds the best deals and promotions tailored to your taste, and helps you find cool stuff for yourself and for your family and friends."

Once you download the app, you can fill out a personal profile.

Shah says, "We ask you what are the stores that you like and we ask you some basic information about yourself, age, gender. Then, as you use the app, over time, we learn even more. This person likes shoes, this person like dresses, this person likes high-end items."

The app's "sale-sync" feature then uses your profile to "sift" through all those emails you get and gathers the ones you're most likely to want or use.

"So, with Sift, you can go in, you can see promotions, and offers from all the stores, including coupons," Shah explains. "And again, we sort them to you based off of what you would like and what' popular. So, if there happens to be a really popular sale at one store, it'll show up first so you won't miss out on it. And now, you don't have to go "sifting" through email to find it. We do it for you."

The Sift app will remind when you a sale you might like is about to end. And you can get alerts when an item you're watching goes on sale.

Plus, you can use it to save on spur-of-the moment purchases, too.

Shah says, "If you're at the store, you're at the mall, you just open up the app and you can see what coupons are there for the store."

To learn more about Sift, click here.

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