Woman found dead in car near 30th Street Station identified

PHILADELPHIA - February 20, 2014

Police got a tip call just after noon about a black 2007 Nissan Altima parked along 30th Street between Market and Chestnut. It has turned out to be the car sought in the missing persons investigation for 22-year-old Nadia Malik of Marple.

An Action News viewer took a photo of the police activity outside 30th Street Station Thursday afternoon.

Malik's body was found in the car, with no physical injuries visible.

Lt. John Walker tells us, "She was found on the passenger side. There is a book bag that stuff is dumped out of. It's placed on top of her. So until we get a better look of that car - until we process it - we really can't make that assessment as of yet."

Malik, a mother of two, has been missing since February 9th, police say.

The search has gone across six states.

Malik's boyfriend, Bhupinder Singh, the father of the two young children, has been arrested near Cleveland, Ohio and is awaiting extradition back to Delaware County for questioning.

Police say one of the couple's children was found in Singh's apartment out in Ohio. He faces charges here for allegedly failing to report to his Pennsylvania probation officer.

It appears the car Nadia Malik drives could have been sitting on Chestnut since the time she was reported missing.

"We can go back to the 9th that we know the car clearly was parked here illegally and ticketed. So yes, it's about that point of time," explained Lt. Walker. "So whether or not she was in the car at that point? Again, we'll determine that with Marple and their investigation to try and see what happened here."

Police tell Action News that there were multiple parking tickets on the car, but that those placing the tickets on the vehicle could not see inside because of the deep tinted windows and snow that was on top of the car from this last storm.

Authorities are continuing to investigate.


Photo courtesy:Delaware County Daily Times

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