New cases decline, but flu epidemic not over

ATLANTA, GA.; February 20, 2014

The number of new cases is declining, but the flu is still widespread in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's weekly update, about 60-percent of the hospitalizations and deaths are among people 18 to 64 years old.

Only about a-third of those in that age ranger got a flu shot.

In Philadelphia, health officials say there is proof of the power of vaccination.

72.70% of the children 6 mos. to 17 years have been vaccinated this season. That is nearly 20% above national vaccination rates.

The number of confirmed cases in Philadelphia is relatively low, compared to other counties, such as Allegheny, which has more than twice as many cases.

And the number of those seriously ill with flu is lower here than in other parts of Pennsylvania.
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