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Feb 23, 2013 The program opens with Balanchine's Stravinsky Violin Concerto, created in 1972 for the New York City Ballet.

"There is no story line. You don't need to know anything to come see this," explains the ballet's artistic director, Roy Kaiser. "It's fun. It's quirky. It still has a very contemporary feel to it, like it was created last week."

While this is the Pennsylvania Ballet's premiere of the Balanchine Dance, the company will also perform Carmina Burana. A signature of the repertoire since the 1960s, Kaiser describes it as "very beautiful. It's very emotional at times."

The choreography and score were inspired by a series of songs and poems unearthed from a Bavarian monastery in the 13th century.

"We have a full chorus. We have a separate children's chorus and we have three incredible vocalists," says Kaiser, "and the Academy of Music will just come alive."

The two ballets the dancers will perform are very different.

"The music is very different, the style of dance is completely different but they're both masterpieces," says Kaiser who adds "even if you know nothing about ballet, come see this performance-incredible music, great dancers on the stage and great choreography."

The ballet runs March 6th through the 15th. For tickets and show times, go to

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