2 teens charged in murder of Julio Cesar Cruz Cruz in Trenton

TRENTON, N.J. - February 27, 2014

Thursday afternoon authorities announced the arrest of 18 year-old Michael Holman and 18-year-old Dante Martin, both of Trenton. Holman and Martin are both charged with first-degree felony murder and robbery.

If convicted, they face 30 years to life in prison.

Cruz had just moved to the United States from Guatemala and was about to start a job when he was killed outside a friend's home on February 15th in what police say was am attempted robbery.

His murder sparked outrage and action by residents of the Spanish-speaking community. They are banding together to make sure tragedies like the death of Cruz don't happen again.

"I'm always looking front and back wherever I walk because I'm myself scared," said Aida Hernandez.

Hernandez watches where she walks. And like many in the Chambersburg section of Trenton is concerned about what she feels is an increase in robberies and assaults targeting the Spanish-speaking community - some of whom walk because they don't have a driver's license and carry their cash because they don't have bank accounts.

They're referred to in street slang as "walking ATMs."

Hernandez explains, "For the Guatemalans, yeah, those are the ones that be targeted... Because they know they're hardworking people and a lot of them don't got papers and they have their money on them."

After the local community raised enough money to send his body back home, Julio Cesar Cruz Cruz was buried today in Guatemala.

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