Summer rentals are up at the Jersey Shore

OCEAN CITY, N.J. - February 27, 2014

"I'm looking forward to this summer," says Mary York. "I want to wake up and see 70 or 80°."

With temperatures dipping into the teens and one snowstorm after another, people are dreaming about exchanging hats and gloves for bathing suits and flip-flops.

It's the time of year when shore lovers start looking for summer rentals, and this long winter may be the motivation behind a spike in rentals over last year.

"The theory is, that's what I've heard, is that when there's a lot of snow and people finally get out, there ready to rent," said Phyllis Delate.

"I think it's because last year with Sandy and everything people didn't with the economy the way it was. I think they are just throwing everything to the wind and saying I'm taking my vacation," said John Miller.

Many people are talking about how they can't wait to be on the beach.

Dave Jacob is an agent at Weichert's Asbury group in Ocean City where they rent out almost 900 properties. Rentals in Ocean City are up 10% over last year and even more elsewhere.

President's weekend is usually a big time for renters to come to the shore and begin looking at properties. But guess what happened last Monday? Another storm kept most people away.

But that's not too much of a concern because these days most renters do their looking at properties online.

"Probably 70% of our rentals come off the Internet anyway just with calls. People don't even come down necessarily to see it ahead of time, so very definitely, you will get a spike in calls when you get cold weather," said Jacob.

"If you are looking to book a rental this summer to do it really early do it sooner rather than later," said John Moore, Rental Manager.

Remember, summer at the shore is just around the corner.

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