60-year-old dies in Borgata parking lot

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. - February 28, 2014

"I think he would've been alive today if the security personnel at Borgata would've been more diligent," said Yana Zabavnik.

Yana Zabavnik says her father, Leon, called her Sunday and left a frightening message.

"My dad says to me he has a stroke; he is having a stroke and to call him back," she said.

She called back but got no answer. She frantically called her mom, and others with the help of a phone locator application they learned Leon was at the Borgata parking garage.

They called the casino and Atlantic City Police.

"They knew make of the car, they knew the license plate number; they had a photo of him," she said.

Leon wasn't found.

Yana was in Vermont on business Sunday. On Monday, she and a friend rushed to the Borgata, and she says within a couple of minutes, she found her father's car.

"I just stopped and parked my car, and I couldn't get out. I was with my friend, and we both called the cops because I knew he was there," said Yana.

Yana says casino security and police showed no sense of urgency.

She is angry and deeply saddened by her father's passing, and she wonders if he would be alive today had they been more diligent.

"The message is they should have gotten to him faster, and they should have done their jobs and realized there was a man having a stroke on their property," said Yana.

Atlantic City Police Department issued a statement Friday saying they are investigating the death of Zabavnik along with the State Medical Examiner's office.

They say the only contact they received was a missing person alert message from the Paramus Police department at 9:07 p.m. on February 23rd.

They say it included his description, but they say it did not include information about the location.

The Atlantic City Police offered condolences to the Zabavnik family and says they will continue to investigate.

Officials from the Borgata say they cannot comment on the case and do not comment on security issues.

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