Believing is seeing for blind runner

COLLEGEVILLE, Pa. - February 28, 2014

For Kinzey Lynch, running is a way of life.

"For me running is a great outlet to clear my head," said Kinzey. "I love to make friends running; I love being outdoors."

Every day he laces up his sneakers and hits the trail not knowing where it's going to take him.

But that is nothing new for the 18 year old who was born legally blind.

"As a visually impaired person, I believe I owe it to like myself to be as active and to be as able bodies as I can. There are a lot of stereotypes about people who have any kind of disabilities that we aren't able to do certain things," said Kinzey.

His mother says his disability has never stopped him.

"He's a pistol," said Holly Lynch.

Kinzey has wrestled and played other contact sports, and is also an accomplished pianist, playing totally by ear.

But it is the sound of his feet hitting the pavement that really captivates his soul.

A senior at Perkiomen Valley High School, Kinzey has run for his school cross country team, and recently completed the Broad Street run and his first marathon.

"Just self-fulfillment for me just knowing that I can do something that not a lot of people can do, and that some people may have thought that because of my visual impairment I couldn't do," said Kinzey.

He does it all with the help of a guide; the two tethered together.

"It involves really trusting the person that you are running with, and it definitely allows you to really bond with the person you are running with to another extent," he said.

"I've never really seen a sight-impaired running before, and to be out there on the trail helping him get along it amazing," said Jason Teeple. "He knows the trail better than I do which to me is very impressive."

Kinzey is on the fast track to graduate in June and will be running his way onto Drexel's campus in the fall where he has grand plans.

"I plan to pursue actuarial science adjusting insurance rates," said Kinzey.

And if you think he's apprehensive about leaving the nest, think again.

Kinzey says he told his mom when schools over he's out!

"I love you guy, but don't forget the care package," he said.

And so Lynch will spread his wings, and what is clear for anyone to see is that he is on the fast track towards success.

Kinzey's father is also visually impaired and the two of them plan to tackle the Gary Papa Run this year.

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