It's a family affair for U.S. Curling team in Delaware Co.

ASTON, Pa. - March 6, 2014

The Top-10 men's and women's teams are competing for a spot in the World Championships.

It is a sport characterized by quiet concentration, but one of the top curling teams in the nation has the hometown crowd behind them and plenty of cheerleaders amongst them. Afterall, they are comprised of four sisters.

"You have to try and separate it, otherwise you could drive each other crazy. You have to act as sisters at home and teammates on the ice," said Emily Anderson.

"It's definitely special and unique and a lot of fun playing with my sisters, and we are pretty close," said Taylor Anderson.

Unfortunately, Taylor's identical twin sister Sarah missed the match with the flu. But of all the Anderson sister, five in all, the twins have a unique story to tell.

"We were born three months early. We were both one pound, and we stayed in the hospital for three months," said Taylor.

"This ring could go over their whole arm," said Wayne Anderson. "We thought they were beautiful at the time, but looking back over the pictures, people probably thought that only a parent could love them."

The twins are now seniors at Marple Newtown High School, and with their sisters, have grown up with a rock and a broom.

Their dad has been lucky enough to have a front seat for it all because he also happens to be their head coach.

"They really get along well. They recognize on the ice, they are not sisters they're teammates, and they do a great job of that," said Wayne.

So what happens when they have a disaster of a game and have to go home with the coach?

"You say what you need to get us back on track as a coach, but when we are home, he's dad," said Courtney Anderson Slata.

And together they are a family with their sights set on the Olympics in 2018.

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