Police officers drive into a hail of gunfire in North Philadelphia


It was just before midnight as highway patrol officers were driving on North 13th Street approaching the 2800 block when they saw two people unleashing a hail of gunfire.

More than 30 shots were fired. 18 bullets hit several parked cars, including one with a woman inside.

Two bullets went through the woman's windshield and she took off running, leaving the lights on and the car door open, police say.

Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small says, "It appeared from what they heard and the muzzle flash that these individuals were shooting in a southern direction towards the police vehicle."

The officers stopped, jumped out and chased one of the gunmen two blocks. The 19-year-old suspect was taken into custody at 12th and Cambria Street.

A search is underway for the second suspect.

Police found two semi-automatic handguns underneath nearby cars.

Police have stepped up patrols here due to the increased gun violence and last night the uniformed team of highway patrol officers found themselves in the middle of the mayhem.

Neither officer was injured in the exchange.

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