Vandal wearing boxer shorts attacks police station, cars with hammer in Chinatown

CHINATOWN - March 12, 2014

It happened overnight at the Philadelphia Police 6th District headquarters at 11th and Winter Streets in Chinatown.

"We heard the sound of breaking glass," said Philadelphia Police Lieutenant Paul Drains.

Drains and other 6th District officers soon realized where the sounds were coming from: their own front door.

"I observed a male in his boxers with a hammer in his hands," said Drains.

After smashing the district's glass door on 11th Street, police say the man ran around the corner to Winter Street where he crunched through windshields and windows, damaging 14 marked vehicles in all.

Police say only 4 marked police vehicles in the police parking lot WEREN'T damaged.

Police called for a Taser-trained officer, but it wasn't needed. The suspect surrendered.

Police say he was mostly incoherent, but did communicate this message.

"He wanted to prove a point, shut down the police department, something to that effect," said Drains.

He didn't shut the station down, but he did cause a lot of damage.

"The sad part is it's going to hamper our operations. We'll now have to borrow equipment from other districts," said Philadelphia Police Captain Brian Korn.

Police say it took a bit of time to apprehend the suspect since they needed to approach him carefully so as not to risk injuring any officers.

The man was taken to an area hospital where he was treated for a cut on his hand. He faces a long list of charges.

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