Police: Man strikes own brother in Willingboro hit and run

WILLINGBORO, N.J. - March 15, 2014

Willingboro Police say the driver, 34-year-old Lyle Person, was driving the 2001 BMW wagon that jumped the curb and ran down his brother over a domestic dispute and kept going.

The suspect was supposed to turn himself in Saturday night, but he was tracked down by Willingboro Police and brought him into custody around 8:30 p.m.

"All we heard was like a big crash, like a boom, and when we looked all we saw was a kid in the air," said Quentin Freeman.

Investigators say around 1:30 p.m. Saturday, 31-year-old Lee Person was walking near a stretch of Beverly Rancocas Road near the Willingboro School District Country Club Administration Building.

There were a number of witnesses playing basketball at a nearby court.

They say the driver of a BMW - identified as Lyle Person - drove onto the grass, struck the victim, and sped away on Beverly Rancocas leaving him in a pool of blood.

People rushed over to assist the victim but were afraid to move him.

Police say the victim was awake and communicating despite his severe injuries. He was rushed to Cooper University Hospital where he remains in critical condition.

"My heart actually hurts right now because they are brothers, and they love one another," said Symeon McIntosh. "I'm really broken up. This is crazy."

Symeon McIntosh has been friends with both men since they were children.

Police are trying to learn the exact motive, but witnesses say the brothers may have been fighting over a woman.

"Well love is a terrible drug. One man is hurt, and one might be going to jail. It's sickening. It is sickening. These are guys I've known since elementary school, and I love them both, and I'm devastated," said McIntosh.

Lyle Person was charged with a number of offenses late Saturday night. He is being held on $100,000 bail.

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