Cleanup continues 1 week after Ewing gas explosion

EWING TWP., N.J. - March 12, 2014

Crews are hard at work trying to clean up from the gas explosion that killed one woman and injured several more in the South Fork Development.

A blue tarp now covers some of the homes that were destroyed or damaged.

"My heart goes out to those individuals and again it was just unfortunate; another gas situation," said Mayor Bert Steinmann.

Mayor Bert Steinmann was at the scene of the Ewing explosion Tuesday, exactly one week after a gas explosion killed a resident, injured seven utility workers and damaged or destroyed 55 homes in the South Fork development.

"Nobody should go through this. It's rough I'll tell you, it's rough," said Tom Rezner.

Tom Rezner lives at 6 Crockett Lane a few doors down from the blast site.

He and his wife and their dog Ruby are back home after being displaced for several nights, but they are still dealing with damage, including the basement sliding doors that had to be boarded over.

Residents who live near the Ewing blast site say they feel for the victims in East Harlem even as they cope with their own recovery.

"I feel on edge," said Ramon Sanchez. "I feel nervous. I don't know what's going to happen. I don't know what kind of internal damage there is at my home."

"It's pretty unnerving like anything you smell now or hear it makes you kind of wonder what's going on underground especially after what happened here. Are things like shook up underground?" said Sharon Lewis.

Insurance agents, attorneys, PSEG and others are still poring over the blast site that killed 62-year-old Linda Certitelli.

Residents are wondering how in the future they can avoid explosions like the one in Ewing and in East Harlem.

"There has got to be a better way of managing gas lines or work habits or whatever. There has got to be a change in order to make people more safe," said Ray Rossi.

The township is hosting county, state and federal officials to help people who may have lost critical documents in the explosion at the community center on Saturday. PSE and G and other utilities will also be there.

The results of the blast are devastating to the people in Ewing and now the people in Harlem.

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