Drexel student died of Meningitis B

March 13, 2014 1:50:11 PM PDT
We've learned the type of meningitis Stephanie Ross had iss the same strain that caused an outbreak at Princeton University last year.

Meningitis type B is not covered by the vaccine given to college students here in the U-S.

Ross was a 19-year-old sophomore. She died Monday at her sorority house.

Most meningitis cases among teenagers and young adults are types C or Y. Meningitis B causes the majority of cases among very young children, although it is the dominant type for all ages in the U-K and some other countries.

However, Ross had meningitis B.

That's the same type that infected seven students and one visitor at Princeton.

Students there have been given a vaccine against the B-type.

It's not approved in the U-S yet, and health officials don't plan to offer it in this case.

But they have offered preventative antibiotics to Ross's close contacts.