Good Samaritan in SEPTA cop attack speaks out


"Thank the public for assisting me in what was going on today at Fairmount. Thank you," said Jones, after he left Central Detectives on Monday.

On Tuesday we learned more about the incident from one of the Good Samaritans who jumped in to help the officer.

Kenneth Glover was the first to jump in to help him.

"I thank God I didn't get hurt because that was a strong guy," said Kenneth Glover.

Glover says the man was acting crazy on the subway, that he tried to snatch a baby from its mother and that he kept yelling out that he was going to die today.

When the train arrived at Broad and Fairmount, the suspect went straight for Officer Jones.

"He actually wanted to die. He was saying, 'Kill me! You're gonna have to shoot me.' He kept charging at him.," said Glover.

The suspect kept charging at Officer Jones even after he was hit with pepper spray.

Officer Jones tried to fend him off with his baton but it soon became hand to hand combat.

Glover decided to jump in when he saw the suspect grabbing for the officer's gun.

"I just took a chance trying to help him. I'd rather see myself get hurt than see him get his hand on that gun and start shooting people," he said.

The suspect managed to get a hold of the ammo clip after it came loose from the gun. Glover was able to grab it out of his hand and return it to Officer Jones.

He says he doesn't feel like a hero, even though the police say he is.

"I just did what I was supposed to do. I was just at the wrong place at the right time that's all," said Glover.

Police say it appeared the suspect was either high on something or had mental health issues. They say he has given them several names, but they still don't know his identity.

Authorities are also looking for the person who made off with Ofc. Jones' badge and cell phone, which were dropped during the scuffle.

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