PinchMe offers freebies delivered to your home

March 31, 2014

A box full of freebie products like these can arrive at your door every two weeks, thanks to a new product-sampling site called

Jeremy Reid of explains, "PinchMe is an online website where members come and sign up, tell us a little bit about themselves and then every week, they get offered different consumer products to sample for free."

Every other Tuesday, new samples are posted on the site. Once you've joined and filled out a profile, you can select which items you'd most like to try. Some are testers, some full-sized


Reid adds, "Every product is different. So, we've done Wild Ophelia chocolate, which is a full-size chocolate bar. And then we've done Clear shampoo, where it's been a two-ounce sample."

All you have to do to qualify for the next round of freebies is answer a short multiple-choice survey about the products you've already received.

Reid says that part is easy, "Six questions, multiple-choice, easy to fill out, should take you no more than a minute." started in Australia just over a year ago, and already, 2% of the population has signed up.

Since arriving in the States four months ago, the site's garnered more than a half-million members. Bottom line, everyone likes getting something for nothing.

To sign up for, click here.

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