3rd suspect arrested in Logan elementary school assault

LOGAN - April 1, 2014

Authorities say 44-year-old Richard Jordan was arrested on Monday.

Jordan, his wife 42-year-old Marion Oliver, and their 14-year-old daughter are all facing charges.

The charges stem from an incident on Tuesday, March 25 at Jay Cooke Elementary School.

Police say the 14-year-old suspect had sent Oliver and Jordan a text message prior to the incident.

Authorities don't know exactly what the dispute was about, but say the girl's parents barged in and confronted her classmates.

The suspects allegedly started punching and slapping the other girls. Ten children and two adults, including a school police officer, were injured in the melee.

All three suspect face 12 counts of Simple Assault Recklessly Endangered Another Person, Criminal Conspiracy, and related offenses.

Oliver and her daughter were arrested on March 28. Both were arraigned and have a preliminary hearing scheduled on April 15.

Jordan was arraigned Tuesday and bail was set at $225,000. He is due back in court on April 17.

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