Commuters make plans in case of SEPTA strike

PHILADELPHIA - April 4, 2014

Many businesses would be impacted by a strike - mostly the ones that are an alternative to mass transit.

Zipcar member Dylan Mack is relying on the car sharing business five days a week to get to clients outside of the city. The potential strike means SEPTA will only run the Regional Rail and commuters will be looking for options, meaning the line to order a Zipcar might take longer.

"I think there will be a lot more people reserving. It's going to make it real tough for us because we use it for business purposes," Mack explained.

Patriot Parking's garage on Chancellor Street, between 16th and 17th, expects a boom in business.

David Peter, an attendant at the lot, tells us, "The cars double or triple. That's more business for the garages downtown."

But Parkway Corporation, who operates 50 garages in the city, isn't so optimistic. Robert Zirinsky tells Action News a strike could hurt them. In past strikes they've seen more people treat a strike like a snow day and cancel plans.

What will be running? Regional Rail, LUCY buses in University City, and CCT buses, which serve the disabled.

City spokesperson Mark McDonald tells Action News they have not issued any advisories to employees, they are monitoring negotiations carefully, and when they feel it's appropriate to alert employees they will do it.

Many expect to use taxis. Also, the popular car service Uber says they are prepared, telling us there is a potential for a price surge but they only do that in times of extreme demand.

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