11-year-old boy shot in North Philadelphia


It was just before 4:00 on a sunny Sunday afternoon. The 11-year-old victim was playing basketball with about a half-dozen friends when bullets started flying.

"We know that at least 15 shots were fired from a large caliber semi-automatic gun. We found 15 shell casings at the intersection of Gratz and Oxford streets," said Chief Inspector Scott Small, Philadelphia Police.

One of the bullets hit the 11-year-old boy in his right hip. Police rushed him to Temple Hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery. He was later transferred to St. Christopher's Hospital in critical condition.

At least five parked cars on the block were also hit.

Crime scene investigators believe two gunmen were exchanging fire - the one whose bullet struck the child and another, with a revolver, farther down the block.

Blood found at the scene may belong to that second gunman and police are checking hospitals for a possible suspect seeking treatment.

The gunman whose bullet struck the child may have fled the scene in a blue Mercury Grand Marquis.

Police are checking the footage captured by several surveillance cameras near the crime scene, including a camera outside Meade Elementary School, on the corner.

Neighbors say the shooting is a reminder of just how dangerous even quiet, well-maintained blocks like this one can become.

"It's crazy, you gotta watch your kids at all times. You don't know what's happening. It's sorry you have to do that but it's what you have to do," said Edwina Billups.

Demonstrators from New Generation Foundation showed up within hours of the shooting and say they want the violence to stop.

"Our job is come out here and effect change and to let them know that there are some other opportunities for you," said Brandon T. Jones.

This is the second incident of a child shot in Philadelphia over the last two days.

An 11-year-old girl died Saturday after she was shot by a 2-year-old. Police say the children were playing with the loaded gun when the incident happened.

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