PennDOT probe involves 'pay-to-play' allegations

FOLCROFT, Pa. - April 8, 2014

Action News has learned that V-Tech Services is the latest PennDOT subcontractor to be raided by officers from the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office.

Sources say investigators carried off boxes of records and other documents from V-Tech's offices as stunned workers looked on.

It is the latest development in a probe focusing on an alleged scheme involving payoffs and fraud.

At the center of the probe is a former PennDOT supervisor, Nick Martino.

Martino was the voice and face of PennDOT for many years in the Delaware Valley, the 'go-to guy' for what the government was doing to get roads ready for the next big storm.

He and others are now the target of a widening investigation by the PA Attorney General's Office.

V-Tech Services in Folcroft is a highway and building maintenance company, one of a handful of PennDOT subcontractors being investigated.

Action News reached out to V-Tech for comment but got no response.

Martino's attorney, Anthony Voci, released the folowing statement:

"My client has been notified that he is a target of that investigation, and we look forward to looking at the evidence that was recovered from these companies because we think it is going to demonstrate my client's innocence."

Martino was suspended without pay from his $83,000-a-year job with PennDOT last week.

A PennDOT spokesperson released a statement saying, "PennDOT has a commitment to our customers to take appropriate action on all matters involving the department."

On August 20th, Martino appeared as a witness before a Philadelphia grand jury as part of a probe by the office of Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams.

"My client was issued a subpoena to appear before the grand jury, and he did," said Voci. "He cooperated by not only appearing, but by having some follow-up meetings with some of the investigators in that case. He is not a target of that investigation."

The District Attorney's Office says it does not comment on ongoing grand jury investigations. The PA Attorney General's Office has the same policy.

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