Art of Aging: Retirement opportunities

PHILADELPHIA - April 17, 2014

"So, how do we use it and think of it as a gift?" said Dr. Thelma Reese, the Creator of "ElderChicks."

For Thelma, the answer was "ElderChicks", a blog she created to engage other women of a certain age.

"Women like to talk to each other. Women like stories," said Dr. Reese.

Konnie Stark from Lansdale, Pa. spent 33 years in marketing and communications and knew just what she wanted to do when she retired.

"It's wonderful to do, to make music with other people. It's just a joyous experience," said Konnie.

Both women say retirement is an opportunity to create a whole new chapter in life.

Dr. Reese said, "Give yourself a couple of years to try a lot of things."

"I think really trying to think through what is important to you. What do you want to be doing every day," added Konnie.

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