WWII vet gets anonymous surprise in Bucks County

DOYLESTOWN, Pa. - April 17, 2014

With something as small as a ring came an overwhelming gesture.

What WWII veteran Walter Thomson intended as a 90th birthday gift to himself turned into something much bigger - a thank you for his service from an anonymous stranger.

"I'm no war hero. I went where they told me to go, I did what they told me to do. I never expect thanks," said Thomson.

From his home at Ann's Choice retirement community in Warminster, Thomson says he got the ring after graduating from Northeast Philadelphia High School in 1942.

He served in the Army Signal Corp and left for France in 1944. There, Thomson was involved in an accidental explosion. He was injured and his class ring damaged.

"It was a freak accident, unfortunately I was the one who was there," said Thomson.

After several weeks in the hospital, he rejoined his unit. Later, he worked for Bell Pa. married, had children and grandchildren.

Several months ago, Thomson took this ring to Carroll's Jewelers in Doylestown. The man behind him in line overheard him telling the story and later told the store he wanted to pay for the new stone and insignia.

When Thomson came to pick up the ring, the clerk told him it was taken care of.

"He actually started to cry, not only he but some of our customers and us as well. We teared up because he was just so thankful that somebody would go to that extent and do that for him," said Suzanne DePorry.

For Thomson, this act of kindness was just so unexpected and he wanted to make sure the anonymous gentleman knew just how grateful he is.

"There were many more guys who did much more than I did and suffered more than I did. Perhaps they deserved thanks. I don't think I did," said Thomson.

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