Migraine prevention headband now available

PHILADELPHIA, PA.; April 29, 2014

There are medications which work well for migraines, but sufferers are also looking for non-drug options, like Cefaly.

It was approved by the FDA in March, and is now available.

The creator, Doctor Pierre Rigaux, showed us how it works today.

Cefaly is a battery-operated headband worn for 20 minutes every day.

Small electrodes in it send signals to the trigeminal nerve - where migraines start.

Over time, it boosts the trigger point for pain, so migraines don't strike as often.

80% of the patients who used Cefaly every day had a significant reduction in the number of headaches.

Dr. Rigaux says even those who weren't as compliant saw some benefit.

"If you consider all the patients, 55% get a significant improvement. So we consider this a solution for slightly more than half of migraineurs," says Dr Rigaux.

The need for medication was reduced by up to 75%.

You can buy Cefaly online, but you need a doctor's prescription.

It costs $295, but you can get a refund if you use it regularly and find that it doesn't work for you.

Dr. Rigaux says Cefaly has been on the European market since 2008, and is approved in Canada.

It works as well as medication, something which has great appeal for U.S. doctors and patients, who worry about medication side effects - and costs.

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