2 area schools awarded for environmental impact


Students at The Pathway School in Jeffersonville, Montgomery County, are planting tomatoes and watching them grow. They call it their wellness program and the food they grow is good enough to sell to local markets.

This year, their thriving program earned the school a 2014 Environmental Community Service Award presented by Wawa and the environmental law firm Manko, Gold, Katcher & Fox.

"This is a way to recognize students who are doing things affirmatively in the community," said Robb Fox, Manko, Gold, Katcher & Fox.

The award comes with a $5,000 check.

"It is such a huge step in our being able to develop this program even further to do the kinds of things we want to be doing with this program," said David Schultheis, president of The Pathway School.

Pathway is a special needs school for children with complex learning, emotional, and behavioral needs.

"We use nature to help our students engage in their community, to engage outside of their selves, their classrooms and their families," said Schultheis.

Two schools win this award every year. The second winner for this year is South Philadelphia High School.

"South Philly doesn't have a lot of green space so you sort of have to create it," said Molly Devinney, Lower Moyamensing Civic Association.

The garden at South Philadelphia High gets over 200 students involved. What they grow here supplies the school's culinary program and ends-up supplying the surrounding community with fresh produce.

"It helps you learn how to grow your own food from the ground up, it's a good experience," said Rasheed Reavis, student.

Along with a big check, both schools also got a visit from Wawa's big goose mascot.

The big money will help these schools expend their programs and become even greener.

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