Flood waters threaten Montgomery County apartments

WEST NORRITON, Pa. - May 1, 2014

Around 5:00 a.m. water rescue crews used boats to travel around the Lofts at Valley Forge and The River View Landing town homes on Patriots Lane.

The water was so high that several cars in the parking lots for the apartment complexes were submerged in water.

Crews paddled through the water looking for people who needed help getting out of their homes.

In all at least a dozen rescues were made before the water began to recede.

Multiple agencies arrived on the scene Wednesday night. Officials anticipated flooding, but not to this extreme.

State Representative Mike Vereb tells Action News, "In my days as township commissioner and state rep this is absolutely the worst, even with hurricanes. This water rose very quickly and basically incapacitated the community."

Jason Bobst from West Norriton Emergency Management says, "Obviously the level we received here was more than what we were expecting, especially with the initial estimates of cresting at 13 feet. I think at our last estimates, we saw it at almost 21 feet."

A significant amount of the water has since receded, and now residents are getting their first look at the damage left behind.

The power did go out around 1:30 a.m., but has since been restored in some of the buildings.

So, far there are no reports of injuries.

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