Army vet denied life-saving cancer drugs, company to discontinue clinical trial

An Army veteran in Ohio who fought for our country is now fighting for his life.

But he calls this battle his toughest one yet.

Brad Giesting has been part of a cancer drug trial for Liposarcoma - a rare soft tissue cancer.

For the past year and a half, doctors say that has been keeping him alive.

But now the drug company, Morphotek, is stopping that trial because it isn't working to save lives for most of the trial cases.

The Giesting's appealed to the company for compassionate use of the drug, but got turned down.

"It's not all about numbers or money or any of that. I mean it's a life," said wife Annie Giesting.

"I fought through all this chemo, and fighting to get back on the drug," said Brad Giesting. "I'm not one to give up so I'm going to keep fighting."

His treatment has been extended through the holidays, and now his oncologists are working to find him a new drug and new hope.
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