Kids get creative to help seniors smile and lift their spirits during coronavirus quarantine

DOUGLASSVILLE, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Many seniors in our region who are most at risk for COVID-19 are socially isolating to stay safe, but some local students want to make sure they do not feel alone.

Megan Ahles is making the most of the extra time at home with her children, encouraging positivity and teaching her kids to spread kindness during an uncertain time.

"We decided to make some cards and some pictures for the seniors, just to bring them a little bit of joy," she said.

Ahles said a friend who works with older adults suggested the idea and she's been spreading the word.

"Logan's cub scout troop picked it up so they'll be quite a few cards to deliver, which is nice," she said.

Along with the pictures, the children are writing notes of encouragement.

"I was excited. I like to color and it's something nice to do so," said Taylor Ahles.

"They started out writing their own little things and they were actually very thoughtful," said Megan.

"I was happy to do it to help the people smile whenever they're alone because they don't get to get out much," said Reese Ahles.

"You know, they like to give back. They like to make people feel good, so it's just very heartwarming ," added Megan.

Benita Cooper is also encouraging people to correspond with older adults by participating in 'The Super Hero Project' through her non-profit, The Best Day of My Life so Far.

"How it works is simple, we're collecting notes virtually and to show them that even though they are separated from younger people and from their families, we're all thinking of them," she said.

Benita sees it as a learning opportunity for her sons.

"I can teach them community, compassion, generosity and empathy," she said.

They made a video to recruit other kids to the cause.

"For older adults, this project is about giving them just a gift of kindness, it really only takes writing a note to be a Super Hero," added Benita.
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