Francis Hopkinson School students being relocated due to asbestos concerns

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Officials with the School District of Philadelphia say students at Francis Hopkinson School will be temporarily relocated as more testing is needed into possible asbestos.

The school district issued their relocation plan on Tuesday:

-Students and staff in grades K through 2 will remain at the Little School House and
modular on the Hopkinson campus.

-Students and staff in grades 3 through 5, including the AS Class, will relocate to unused classroom space at Roberto Clemente Middle School (122 W. Erie Ave.).

-Students and staff in grades 6 through 8, including the AS Class, will relocate to unused classroom space at Grover Washington Middle School (201 E. Olney Ave.).

Previous cases of damaged asbestos that have been identified were communicated with families and addressed; however, the district says there are new concerns about safety at the school after asbestos-containing materials may have been disturbed above ceiling tiles that were replaced over the summer.

According to the district, two independent companies were brought in to test areas and monitor the possible presence of asbestos. This testing is still underway.

Report card conferences will be held at Hopkinson's Little School House from 1:30 to 3 p.m. on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and specific details have been shared with
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