Asch Building makes ethical & sustainable shopping simple!

HOUSTON, Texas -- A new marketplace in the Heights is making it easy to shop for ethical and sustainable clothing, home goods, accessories, beauty items and much more.

Asch Building is a collection of three shops - Atelier, Market, and Home, which provide a one-stop shop for the complete sustainable lifestyle. Market is a coffee shop and micro grocery store, Atelier is a women's boutique and Home offers cleaning products and home goods.

"All of the brands that are sold in Asch Building must go through our vetting process," said owner Destiny Ellis. "The foundational element between all three divisions is that every single brand we carry, no matter if you're buying salt, shoes or a rug, has been sourced with one of our five requirements. Locally produced, ethically manufactured, environmentally conscious, diverse ownership and it has to reach a high standard."

Asch Building is named after New York building where the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire occurred in 1911, killing 146 women and girls. The tragedy led to sweeping changes in labor laws and workplace safety.

"I wanted to open a conversation for people to ask where their products are made. Where is your money really going?" said Ellis.

The business is also a family affair - Ellis says her stepfather is an architect who designed the building, her mother creates bath and body products, her sister has an on-site ceramics studio and her 13-year-old brother makes leather goods on site.

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