The Philadelphia Auto Show continues to wow after 119 years

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The Philadelphia Auto Show has already welcomed 70,000 people since doors opened on Saturday.

Bob Bunner says it's become an annual tradition for him and his son, Noah.

"I let him take one day off of school each year and this is where we come," said Bunner.

In two years, Noah will be 16, and he's got his sights set on an expensive ride.

"A Lamborghini," said Noah.

How does dad feel about that?

"He's gonna have to get a job!" laughed Bob.

The Irrizarrys also stopped by the Philadelphia Auto Show for low-pressure shopping

"You come here and without having to visit, and visit, and visit, you see it all in one place. Convenience! Choices," said Madeline Irizarry of Malvern.

There's something about getting up close and personal to the vehicles.

"Everyone remembers their first car and they smile. Because you remember what you did in that car, and the mobility it gave you, and the experiences and memories it gave you. And I think that's the common bond," Kevin Mazzucola, Executive Director of the Philadelphia Auto Show.

With a wide stretch of open road ahead the possibilities are endless, as are the flashy ways to express your personality.

"Sometimes you feel that's maybe an extension of who you are as a person," Jim Topsale, who was visiting from Wyndmore.

The Philadelphia Auto Show runs through February 17.
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