2018 6abc Auto Show Experience

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Wednesday, August 22, 2018
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The auto industry is changing with an influx of SUVs and cars with self-driving features.

An evolving Auto Industry

See how the auto industry is changing with an influx of utility vehicles, electrified powertrains and cars with self-driving features. Karen Rogers runs down the headlines.

Auto Trends to Watch

See the coolest trends in the industry from nostalgic nameplates to ridesharing and subscription programs and even cars that fly. Ducis Rodgers tells us if a Jetsons car might be coming soon.

Technology vs. Technician

The technology landscape in a vehicle has changed dramatically over the last decade. Karen Rogers shows us how it's changing the game for your mechanic as well.

Car for Every Occasion

Our matchmaker Nick Kurczewski picks cars for some special occasions. Ducis Rodgers and Karen Rogers give them a test drive.

Gizmos & Gadgets

Ducis Rodgers shows off some gizmos and gadgets that can upgrade your vehicle.

Six Must-See New Vehicles

Ducis Rodgers runs down the coolest rides hitting the market for 2019.

More Than Auto Dealers

Karen Rogers tells us how the Auto Dealers Association of Greater Philadelphia is making an impact in the region.

Tour the Audi A8

Ducis Rodgers gives us a look inside the all-new, redesigned, luxurious 2019 Audi A8.

Tour the VW Atlas

Need an SUV that can park itself? Ducis Rodgers shows off the fun features of the Volkswagen Atlas.

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