Viewer sends 6abc photo cards from 1973

A very special throwback moment showed up in the mailbox at 6abc.

Viewer Erica Abel, who currently lives in Connecticut, took a school field trip to WPVI on June 7, 1973.

She met Larry Ferrari, Bob McLean, and Connie Roussin, Philadelphia broadcasting legends who all gave her signed photos cards.

Some of you may remember Bob and Connie from the hit show "Dialing for Dollars."

Connie Roussin and Bob McClean on the set of "Dialing for Dollars" in 1973.

Erica wanted us to have the cards, which have been placed in our station's Hall of Memories. The hall includes the original sheet music to the Action News theme song as well as a portrait of Captain Noah and his wife.

The Hall of Memories at 6abc highlights some of the most cherished moments from the history of our station.

Fun facts about June 7, 1973: The President of the United States was Richard Nixon and the song "My Love" by Paul McCartney and Wings was taking over the radio airwaves. In the video game world, players were dueling on Atari's Space Race.