Motorcyclist grabs feet hanging out of car window on highway

This funny video shows a motorcyclist grabbing a passenger's foot that was hanging outside a car window. (Zim Killgore/YouTube)

Here's a reminder why you should keep your hands and feet inside your car at all times.

San Diego-based photographer Zim Killgore was riding his bike down the highway when he approached a grey Toyota with a passenger dangling their feet hanging out the window. Killgore approached closer and grabbed the passenger's left foot, causing them to immediately retreat back into their vehicle.

Killgore then passed ahead of the Toyota, with the passenger giving him a puzzled expression as he rode by. The motorcyclist posted the funny feet encounter on YouTube, where it's racked up over 2 million views.

"Don't stick your feet out the car or else I'll grab 'em," Zim wrote on YouTube.
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