What's the Deal: Maximizing fuel efficiency in your vehicle

Many of you will be driving to the shore or some other destination this holiday weekend, so we're breaking down the ways you can take the pinch out of your pocketbook with some simple ways to stretch those gallons.

First, take the junk out of your trunk. AAA say an extra 100 pounds reduced fuel economy by up to 1 percent.

If that check engine light is on, get an inspection. Experts say that light is directly related to the fuel and emissions to your vehicle.

Also, get your air filter checked out. You can save up to 10 percent on your fuel economy by having a clean air filter in your car.

And check your tire pressure, give each of your four tires a thought as you look to maximize those miles. To find the right tire pressure for your vehicle, look to the right door jam. You can save 3-5% in fuel economy by having the correct air pressure in your tires.

Also, slow down! Consumer Reports says as the speed goes up, the fuel economy goes down. For every 5 miles per hour you drive over 50 miles per hour, it's like paying an extra 18 cents per gallon.

They say using cruise control keeps gas usage at a minimum

Another way to boost fuel efficiency is to avoid hard acceleration and braking and if you've ever wondered about the air conditioner, Consumer Reports says the harder the AC works, the bigger the impact on fuel economy.

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