4 ways to ease your kid back into a school routine

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Tuesday, August 7, 2018
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Here are four ways to ease your kids back into a routine ahead of the first day of school.

It's almost time for that first school bell to ring.

Are you ready? Are your children ready? If not, here are four ways to ease them back into school and that dreaded routine.

Establish a morning routine and practice it

Most parents know the morning of the first day back to school is hectic - you're making lunches, Susie doesn't want to wear her green shoes, Billy won't get out of bed ... Wouldn't it be nice to have a trial run?

Yes, and doctor Kim Giuliano with Cleveland Clinic Children said practicing that routine can even help with the jitters of going back.

However, she said practicing too far out could lead to further apprehension, so it's best to practice the week before.

Wean them from the screen

One of the best ways to prepare your child for going back to school is to cut their screen time.

Giuliano said children who interact with electronics have a harder time focusing, making them more anxious and irritable.

She suggests limiting screen time to 20-30 minute increments throughout the day.

Adjust those bedtimes

Giuliano said changing a sleep schedule before the school year starts is very important.

Parents could try putting a child to bed 10-15 minutes earlier, and after doing that for a couple of days, they should continue to increase by that increments until the desired bedtime is reached.

Talk about the back-to-school fears

Going back to school can be scary for some, so Giuliano said talking to children about the upcoming school year is a good way to lessen that anxiety.

She suggests taking a tour of the school, even if it's just of the parking lot.