Travel in time with Pepsi's commemorative 'Back to the Future' bottle

Hop in the DeLorean and charge up the flux capacitor, because a futuristic new Pepsi bottle is coming your way.

Pepsi unveiled a limited edition bottle called "Pepsi Perfect" in a retro, futuristic commercial on Monday. The limited bottle is an homage to Back to the Future Part II, where Marty McFly drank a Pepsi moments after arriving in the "futuristic" world of 2015 (or at least, what 1980s filmmakers imagined the far-flung world of 2015 to be.)

Don't ride your hoverboards to your grocery store just yet, Back to the Future and soda fans. Pepsi is only planning to sell 6,500 versions of the bottle and will only be sold as supplies last, according to USA Today.

The bottle will be sold for $20.15 and launches on Oct. 21, the same date as when Marty, Jennifer and Doc Brown arrived in 2015. Information on where you can purchase the Pepsi bottle is expected to be released on Pepsi's social media pages as Oct. 21 approaches.
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