Baked goods potentially laced with marijuana brought to Philadelphia school

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Parents who spoke with Action News said they are outraged to find out that a student may have brought in a baked good potentially laced with an illegal substance into the Martha Washington school.

"It's scary to know it was able to get into the school," said Shaleena Pressley, a parent of two students at the school.

Many parents picked their children up early after hearing about the potentially laced baked good that was brought into school.

"It's sad, it's just really sad," said Ashley Redman, a parent of a student at Martha Washington. "I think people should keep a better eye on their kids, that way this wouldn't happen."

Based on a preliminary investigation by Philadelphia police, a 7th grade girl's mother told them she purchased the baked good off the streets of Philadelphia on April 20th, also known as 4/20, which is an unofficial holiday for marijuana users.

Southwest detectives are still conducting interviews, however it's believed the 13-year-old girl may have brought the baked goods potentially laced with marijuana into school and shared it with two other students, a 13-year-old girl and a 12-year-old girl. One of the girls reported feeling sleepy after eating the baked good.

Martha Washington school reacted immediately by calling police and paramedics, who transported the three students to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, where all are in stable condition. The school also sent a letter home with students to notify parents about what happened.

"As a parent it's always concerning, but I'm also grateful to the school for how they took action," said Charles Gilyard, a parent picking his children up early from school.

Lee Whack, a spokesperson for the Philadelphia School District, said the conversation about the dangers of illegal substances needs to start at home.

"It's very important that families are looking out for their children and their access to something like this," said Whack.

Parents Action News spoke with said they'll be talking to their children about this incident tonight.

"Guarantee I will have a have a conversation with him about that type of stuff," said Kayla Carolina, a parent.

Whack mentioned he wants to talk about this incident at the next parent-teacher meeting. The district is cooperating with police as they investigate to find out exactly what was in this baked good.
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